Dirty Jobs – S08E10

MOMENTUM released a new episode of DISCOVERY channel’s series “Dirty Jobs”.

Mike works on a mobile meat-processing truck and visits a dump to learn how to deal with seagulls.

Dirty.Jobs.S08E10.Custom.Meat.Processor.HDTV.XviD-MOMENTUM (UPDATE)
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Eureka – S04E10

P0W4 released the Christmas special episode of SyFy channel’s “Eureka”.

Dr. Noah Drummer (Chris Parnell) tries to steal a dangerous experiment while a holiday party is underway at Global Dynamics, and an unstable hydrogen crystal threatens the safety of the town.

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In Treatment – S03E28

FEVER released the season finale of HBO’s series “In Treatment”.


In the third-season finale, Paul mulls his future in therapy while blaming Adele for his recent difficulties with his patients.

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Running Wilde – S01E08

FEVER have released the latest episode of FOX`s “Running Wilde”.


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Fantasia For Real – S02E11

OMiCRON released a new episode of VH1’s reality series “Fantasia For Real”.

Fantasia decides to get into shape in anticipation of her move to Los Angeles. She breaks the news to her family and invites them all to Atlanta to take part in a special family performance with her. Will the Barrino family survive with Fantasia in Los Angeles?

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Detroit 1-8-7 – S01E10

2HD released a new episode of ABC`s “Detroit 1-8-7?.

Della Reese guest stars as the mother of a long-missing young black man whose remains, along with those of a young white woman, are found in an abandoned fallout shelter. Longford and Mahajan’s investigation is helped by an unlikely source: Longford’s estranged father, a former cop. In other events, the murder of a young Latina is investigated by Fitch, Washington, Stone and Sanchez.

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Top Gear US – S01E03

CRiMSON released a new episode of HISTORY channel’s “Top Gear (US)”.

The guys head to North Carolina with $1000 dollars each to buy a car for moonshining runs. Ty Burrell is this week’s “Big Star, in a Small Car”.

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Tower Prep – S01E08

2HD released a new episode of Cartoon Network’s new series “Tower Prep”.

During a field trip, Ian and the others try to gather information to escape, but must deal with the mysterious forest creature known as Redfang.


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Warehouse 13 – S02E13

Finnaly, FEVER and CTU released the new episode of Syfy`s “Warehouse 13?.


Secret Santa

Pete and Myka hunt down a malevolent artifact-wielding Santa Claus and come to the aid of a businessman. Meanwhile, Artie reunited with his estranged father Isadore after 30 years.

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No Ordinary Family – S01E10

LOL released the new episode of ABC`s “No Ordinary Family”.


No Ordinary Sidekick

After George is mistaken as a hero for thwarting a robbery that Jim was responsible for stopping, tempers flare between the two friends when George thinks Jim is jealous of the attention he’s receiving, and Jim feels that George is taking credit for something he didn’t do and hogging the limelight. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Katie find themselves at odds over personal matters, JJ discovers a weakness in his powers, and Daphne’s suspicions over Katie’s boyfriend intensify.

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